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Board of Zoning Appeals

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Zoning Maps

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning is intended to guide the growth and development of the City in accordance with the goals, objectives, and strategies stated within the Portage Comprehensive Plan and for the following purposes:

  • To secure adequate light, air, and convenience of access; and safety from fire, flood, and other dangers.
  • To promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, morals and general welfare.
  • To plan for the future development of the City with considerations such as:
    • Community growth with adequate public ways, utility, health, educational and recreational facilities
    • The needs of industry and business are recognized in future growth
    • That residential areas provide healthful surroundings for family life
    • That the growth of the community is commensurate with and promotes the efficient and economical use of public funds
    • That the community strive for high aesthetic value and quality planning and design.

Activities of the Board of Zoning Appeals 

  • Review and hear appeals of decisions made under this chapter by the director of community development or by any other administrator, However, the BZA does not hear appeals of rulings made by the plan commission.
  • Review, hear and approve or deny all petitions for special exceptions based on the provisions of this chapter and Indiana State Code.
  • Review, hear, and approve or deny all petitions for variances from development standards (such as height, bulk, or area of this chapter.
  • Review, hear, and approve or deny all petitions for variances of use regulations in this chapter.
  • Other duties as permitted by Indiana State Code.

Board of Zoning Appeals Membership 

4 year term, 5 members:  3 citizens appointed by the Mayor, 1 appointed by the Council, 1 appointed by the Plan Commission.

Aaron Massow - Electrician/Business Owner Jeff Veach - 
Adam Higgins - Engineer Michael Handlon - Legal Counsel (Non-Voting)
Denise Little - Realtor A.J. Monroe - Executive Secretary (Non-Voting)
James Hazzard - Insurance Agent Kurt Knutsen - Administration (Non-Voting)

Development Reviewer:
Kurt Knutsen

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