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Utility Services Board

About the Utility Service Board

On October 13, 2009 the Portage City Council adopted Ordinance 09-63 and merged the Portage Utility Service Board and the Stormwater Management Board into the Utility Service Board. The Portage Utility Service Board owns and operates Portage's sanitary sewer collection system, it's wastewater treatment plant, and its stormwater collection system.

The Board is made up of five (5) members. No more than three (3) members may be from the same political party. The Mayor appoints three (3) members. The City Council appoints two (2) members. Each member serves a four (4) year term.

The Board is comprised of the following members:

James E Snyder – Board Chairman
Mark Oprisko – Vice-Chairman
Marcella Kunstek
James Hazzard
Jerry Bryan
Shauna Finley
Mark Hasza

The Utility is comprised of the following divisions:
Field Forces
Wastewater Treatment
Stormwater Management

Advisors to the Utility Board include:

Sherry Smolar - Secretary-Treasurer (
Don Slawnikowski - General Utility Superintendent (
AJ Monroe - Director of Community Development (
Steve Charnetzky - Street Superintendent (
Dave Littleton - Pretreatment Field Coordinator (
Wes Simon - Field Director (
Dan Komenda - Stormwater Coordinator/Project Manager (
Katrina Spence- Board Attorney

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