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Redevelopment Commission

2015 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report 

Established in 1984, the Portage Redevelopment Commission purchases blighted property for the purpose of economic development. Redevelopment activities are planned, financed and managed by a five-member Redevelopment Commission. The Commission conforms to Indiana Code 36-7-14.  

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The Department of Redevelopment differs from other city departments in several respects.

  • No Employees
  • Holds title to real estate in its own name
  • Engages in profit making activities
  • Enters into public-private joint ventures
  • Operations (legal, finance, management) paid from grants and return on investment

During its first decade, and much of the second, the Commission initiated planning and public works projects funded entirely by outside sources e.g. grants, donations, and profits from the development of Southport Business Park and redevelopment activities in the Garyton Neighborhood.

In 1991, the city created the Southport Tax Increment Allocation Area in order to capture a portion of the growing tax base within its boundaries.  Proceeds are invested in beneficial economic development and public works projects.  In 1993 the Allocation Area generated its first income: $8,450.

In 1994, the City Council created a 3 member Redevelopment Authority to assist the Commission.  The Authority functions as a municipal "building corporation".   It convenes only to issue revenue bonds or to manage related financial record keeping matters.

In 2001, after a lengthy application process initiated by the Commission, the State of Indiana granted an Enterprise Zone to Portage.  The Zone is managed by the Portage Urban Enterprise Association, Inc. a private non-profit 501-c-3 corporation.  The Association has 12 board members, one of which represents the Redevelopment Commission.  Eligible companies within the zone receive state income tax credits as may be authorized by the Indiana Legislature.  These organizations work cooperatively, in a coordinated manner, for the economic improvement of Portage

Redevelopment Commission Members

1 year term, 5 members:  3 appointed by Mayor, 2 appointed by Council

James E. Snyder                                      
Greg Lach - Citizen                               
Steven A. Nelson - Citizen                  
Liz Modesto - Council Person                              
John Cannon - Council Person
Gregg Sobkowski - Attorney        

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