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K9 Units


k9 hite

Officer Wendell Hite and K-9 partner Si 
Vehicle #153

Born in 2011 in the Netherlands, Si is a Dutch Shepard and responds to commands in German.  He specializes in both narcotic detection and tracking (criminal suspects and missing persons).  Si is a charismatic officer, which draws others to him.  However, his presence is intimidating for any criminal. Si joined the Portage Police Department in October 2013. Since that time he and office Hite have been inseparable. He loves being a part of the police department, and any attention he can get! Officer Hite and K-9 partner Si look forward to continuing to protect the great City of Portage. 

K9 Nyx

Officer Flora Ryan and K9 Nyx 

Nyx is a 22 month old female Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd cross breed.  She was bred/born in Poland and arrived in the United States in August 2017 at F.M. K9.  Nyx is a dual purpose narcotics/utility K9.  She is capable of detecting narcotics, tracking suspects or lost children/elderly subjects, recovering articles from crimes, locating and apprehending fleeing suspects either indoors or outdoors. 

We work hard, we play hard, we train hard…to be the best team we can be.  


Officer Daniel Martinez and K9 Diablo
Vehicle #156

We are the newest addition to the  Portage K9 unit hitting the streets in October 2015.  Diablo is a 2yr. old Belgian Malanois from the Netherlands.  He is a dual purpose narcotics/patrol dog and we received extensive training from Von Liche Kennels in Peru, IN. 

Diablo loves tennis balls and his favorite movie is "Talladega Nights".  We both look forward to a long career as partners fighting crime.

k9 dandurand

Anthony Dandurand and K9 Nakir

Nakir started with the Portage Police Department in April of 2014. He is a full blooded male German Sheppard who came to us from Poland. He is trained in the detection of drugs, building searches, tracking, and handler protection. He responds to German commands and his favorite toy is a tennis ball!!!

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